Biological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank

A Repository for Data from NMR Spectroscopy on Proteins, Peptides, Nucleic Acids, and other Biomolecules
Member of WWPDB

Molecule images from matching PDB entries

png image33221E8Q
png image40201BRV
png image40231Q2N
png image40521JOO
png image40531SNC
png image40892DEF
png image40902EZH
png image41141A5J
png image41201A60
png image41291Q80
png image41411NK2
png image41471H95
png image41484BMF
png image41531RXR
png image41551EOT
png image41561BJX
png image41571LFC
png image41721BN9
png image41731BM6
png image41751BN0
png image41761BJD
png image41771BO0
png image41811PFD
png image41821BFY
png image41841EH2
png image41861BLR
png image41871SKP
png image41881BCI
png image41891GIW
png image41901BIG
png image41912BMT
png image41921BDE
png image41941BH1
png image41952BTX
png image41972CPS
png image41981BR0
png image41993NLA
png image42001A93
png image42011A3P
png image42021RK7
png image42041BQT
png image42061MFN
png image42072ORC
png image42082DVH
png image42092CPB
png image42101BA5
png image42111BBG
png image42121BCV
png image42131BFW
png image42142TMP
png image42151SSN
png image42161BHI
png image42171BHU
png image42181CN2
png image42191BKU
png image42201BMX
png image42211BM4
png image42221MNL
png image42231TBA
png image42241MYO
png image42253GRX
png image42261LDZ
png image42271BQZ
png image42281BQ0
png image42291BQX
png image42301BUQ
png image42311BWE
png image42321ZAC
png image42351BWT
png image42412XBD
png image42423MSP
png image42431C11
png image42441BX5
png image42462V1V
png image42482LEF
png image42491XPA
png image42503PHP
png image42541L3G
png image42552IF1
png image42571X9V
png image42601BYV
png image42611BZB
png image42621BZF
png image42632NMB
png image42641VRC
png image42651M9L
png image42681BD6
png image42691HX7
png image42711JFK
png image42761B2I
png image42811Z0R
png image42851K2H
png image42921B1V
png image42992F63
png image43121JM4
png image43131ZRR
png image43341KQQ
png image43421LY7
png image43471QP6
png image43511QGM
png image43721C34
png image43731FHO
png image43782LCP
png image43861EZY
png image43878TFV
png image43911JGK
png image43921CYZ
png image43942IFE
png image43951B75
png image43961COU
png image43971B2T
png image43981QFA
png image43991CNL
png image44001B4Y
png image44011BLQ
png image44051KHM
png image44061QFB
png image44071CMZ
png image44091QKG
png image44121QL5
png image44131COK
png image44141B3I
png image44151TTD
png image44161COC
png image44171B6F
png image44181CCQ
png image44191CB9
png image44201IM1
png image44221CCV
png image44241QHK
png image44253BDO
png image44262BDO
png image44271QKY
png image44281QQV
png image44291RQV
png image44301JWD
png image44311CKV
png image44371CEJ
png image44451D8B
png image44471H6Q
png image44481F3Y
png image44522AFP
png image44551CI5
png image44611DF6
png image44671UB1
png image44731L6E
png image44751CR8
png image44761B4G
png image44771B4I
png image44781B4R
png image44831CB3
png image44862MOB
png image44871CE3
png image44881CFL
png image44901QFD
png image44911QJT
png image44921JBA
png image44931UD7
png image44943LRI
png image44961OM2
png image44977HSC
png image44981CL4
png image45001CNN
png image45031QMW
png image45061CW5
png image45071CW6
png image45091CXR
png image45101CXW
png image45141D2L
png image45161D5G
png image45191D7Q
png image45221D8V
png image45241DAQ
png image45261DC2
png image45271DC7
png image45281DC8
png image45361DGO
png image45401NLA
png image45411QUZ
png image45421QE7
png image45471C2Q
png image45501CQO
png image45511CQU
png image45521G8C
png image45531DGQ
png image45571QLO
png image45661L6V
png image45701B4O
png image45741D4B
png image45771C05
png image45791HYI
png image45811D1O
png image45831DOQ
png image45841DP3
png image45851DU9
png image45871ED0
png image45881ED7
png image45891EHX
png image45901EIH
png image45911EJP
png image45921EJQ
png image45931EOQ
png image45951CKW
png image45961CKX
png image45971CKY
png image45981CKZ
png image45997HSC
png image46001CL4
png image46011DLZ
png image46021DO9
png image46031DV5
png image46041EE7
png image46071EQX
png image46091EMQ
png image46101EVM
png image46121EVO
png image46141F5G
png image46151DKC
png image46161DX7
png image46171DXW
png image46181DXN
png image46191E0E
png image46201E1U
png image46211E4U
png image46221E52
png image46231E5C
png image46281G9E
png image46301DQB
png image46311DU1
png image46331FUW
png image46341FYJ
png image46351S5Q
png image46361F2H
png image46371F43
png image46381FA3
png image46391FEX
png image46401FJN
png image46411FO7
png image46421FQQ
png image46431FRY
png image46441FV5
png image46451FWO
png image46461FYI
png image46471FYY
png image46481FZT
png image46491G03
png image46501G04
png image46511FDF
png image46521EDX
png image46531EDW
png image46541EDV
png image46551EDS
png image46561G26
png image46611C15
png image46631C3T
png image46641JZU
png image46661DD2
png image46681IX5
png image46691CWX
png image46771EXK
png image46791FLS
png image46821EII
png image46881ILY
png image46921EL2
png image46971D1N
png image47001CF4
png image47011D9S
png image47061CX1
png image47161N4C
png image47171F7X
png image47211D8J
png image47251J5M
png image47351JYT
png image47381FAF
png image47401GH9
png image47431LM2
png image47451K8S
png image47511IVM
png image47521J9I
png image47541J5L
png image47571DV0
png image47591QPU
png image47601C49
png image47711S62
png image47751DUJ
png image47781FI6
png image47791PLO
png image47801F6U
png image47811F6U
png image47911JR6
png image47922AN7
png image47971KD6
png image47981FPW
png image48141LS4
png image48151FFJ
png image48161JO7
png image48251M58
png image48291JXS
png image48331G6E
png image48371E8E
png image48381LJZ
png image48411E91
png image48451E74
png image48461E75
png image48471E76
png image48501FOV
png image48621F8P
png image48691LWM
png image48721FMH
png image48791IJA
png image48801H67
png image48841G47
png image48901G25
png image48911G6M
png image48921M31
png image48931KVZ
png image48941EKZ
png image48951G6P
png image48991G5V
png image49001HEJ
png image49021RJA
png image49061HF9
png image49071FJP
png image49101HDL
png image49111F96
png image49121F3C
png image49141HFF
png image49151G9L
png image49161GEA
png image49171BV2
png image49191G7E
png image49202M66
png image49211G92
png image49231G9P
png image49241HP2
png image49251EYF
png image49271N02
png image49291XDX
png image49301PS2
png image49331PS2
png image49351KVN
png image49381I17
png image49391FU9
png image49411JJR
png image49451HS7
png image49461HZK
png image49471HZL
png image49481HOY
png image49501QA4
png image49511QA5
png image49541I18
png image49571I1S
png image49591INZ
png image49601FI3
png image49661I02
png image49721K1C
png image49771N89
png image49791HA8
png image49801QWQ
png image49841KOS
png image49881I25
png image49891HY8
png image49911ILO
png image49931IH9
png image49941IH0
png image49951IHQ
png image49961IIO
png image49971JCO
png image50041IK0
png image50061JBD
png image50071J6Q
png image50101JAJ
png image50121J7M
png image50181ICH
png image50201I98
png image50211I8E
png image50221I4V
png image50231I4C
png image50241IDL
png image50251IDH
png image50261M60
png image50271J8K
png image50281IB9
png image50301TUJ
png image50311M2F
png image50331I2V
png image50341HU6
png image50361I11
png image50371HU5
png image50381JAS
png image50411IMO
png image50421J9O
png image50431H9F
png image50441IE5
png image50461IDV
png image50471JBI
png image50481JBH
png image50491N6V
png image50501JC6
png image50511JCU
png image50521JE9
png image50531IFW
png image50541JKN
png image50551IMU
png image50591JE3
png image50601JDQ
png image50651IBI
png image50661JI9
png image50701JH3
png image50711JC2
png image50721JBJ
png image50731JE4
png image50741JEI
png image50751JFN
png image50771JJG
png image50781K8M
png image50821JLZ
png image50831JJJ
png image50841JH4
png image50851JGN
png image50861AYG
png image50911JEX
png image50921JO6
png image50941K19
png image50961JN7
png image50971IJC
png image51001J2O
png image51011GJZ
png image51041JRM
png image51061RYJ
png image51081JAA
png image51091J9V
png image51101J8Z
png image51111J8N
png image51121JLP
png image51131JLO
png image51141K48
png image51151JI8
png image51161JI8
png image51172PJF
png image51201GK5
png image51221JWE
png image51291IQO
png image51301IY4
png image51311GM1
png image51341JS5
png image51351JRV
png image51361JDK
png image51371JD8
png image51381JCP
png image51391JC8
png image51401JAR
png image51411T4Y
png image51421IY3
png image51451LG4
png image51471JJD
png image51481JQ4
png image51511FD6
png image51521FCL
png image51541D2B
png image51551JRU
png image51571J5B
png image51591XKE
png image51621MP1
png image51641JUU
png image51651JW3
png image51661JW2
png image51671JVE
png image51691JNJ
png image51701JWC
png image51711JV8
png image51721K3H
png image51731K37
png image51741IRZ
png image51751K5O
png image51761HA9
png image51771TVJ
png image51781K85
png image51791K1Z
png image51801HBW
png image51811K42
png image51831K09
png image51841J5J
png image51851KAT
png image51871V4R
png image51881IRR
png image51891NSH
png image51921K8V
png image51931JZC
png image51941K5W
png image51961JZP
png image51991KG1
png image52011I6Y
png image52022ILX
png image52031KBF
png image52041K9C
png image52051K91
png image52061UWO
png image52071KCY
png image52081BNP
png image52091XNT
png image52101K7B
png image52111KA7
png image52121KA6
png image52131K0V
png image52141D0W
png image52151D1E
png image52161D1F
png image52171KFT
png image52201K0X
png image52251JNT
png image52321KXL
png image52361KN7
png image52381KMX
png image52411RQM
png image52421KN6
png image52431IR5
png image52451K1R
png image52461KMF
png image52521KKV
png image52531KKW
png image52551WKT
png image52561KKA
png image52571HJ0
png image52591KKA
png image52611J57
png image52621CK7
png image52641KJ6
png image52651KV4
png image52661KTM
png image52681CIX
png image52721KGM
png image52731KIO
png image52751KQR
png image52761KMA
png image52771KMR
png image52781KPY
png image52791L3O
png image52821PQT
png image52831KZS
png image52841KZW
png image52851KZX
png image52891KZ0
png image52901KZ2
png image52911KZ5
png image52921L2Y
png image52931L1K
png image52941K81
png image52971L5I
png image52981L1P
png image52991KLQ
png image53011KYJ
png image53021KUW
png image53031J56
png image53041KX2
png image53061L3E
png image53081M7T
png image53091M3V
png image53102PLD
png image53121NEE
png image53151L4S
png image53161L6N
png image53171ITY
png image53182PLD
png image53191KGL
png image53201JJX
png image53211L1W
png image53231L1I
png image53261L6T
png image53271L8C
png image53281L7B
png image53291L7Y
png image53301KGL
png image53311KGL
png image53321LA3
png image53332CDV
png image53341G03
png image53351LV3
png image53371CJE
png image53381L3Y
png image53391K2K
png image53402BID
png image53451L1M
png image53461L3X
png image53471O1W
png image53481IW4
png image53491LFU
png image53531LKJ
png image53541LL8
png image53561LQ7
png image53571LKN
png image53611IV6
png image53631LO1
png image53641GO5
png image53652D2W
png image53661KMD
png image53691LIQ
png image53701LEJ
png image53711LC6
png image53721LC1
png image53751LD6
png image53761LVZ
png image53772PRU
png image53791LJV
png image53811LD5
png image53831LV9
png image53851N2W
png image53861LXF
png image53871D3Z
png image53891N3G
png image53901LR1
png image53921L8Z
png image53941LPW
png image53951LMV
png image53961LUD
png image53981LMZ
png image53991SXE
png image54011SXD
png image54031GTN
png image54051M25
png image54071LM0
png image54091QM9
png image54101MPZ
png image54541LBJ
png image54571PD7
png image54591IYM
png image54611LUN
png image54631LV4
png image54641M36
png image54651SN6
png image54661LMS
png image54671RI9
png image54691IY5
png image54701IY6
png image54721M8C
png image54731M8C
png image54751M9W
png image54801QIW
png image54811M94
png image54821MJD
png image54851GO0
png image54861MA6
png image54871MA6
png image54881MA6
png image54891MA6
png image54911IYC
png image54941M02
png image54951LMM
png image54981K4U
png image54991M5Z
png image55001IYF
png image55011M4F
png image55021M4E
png image55031M39
png image55061NWV
png image55111E96
png image55161RSF
png image55171A5J
png image55251M9O
png image55271MB6
png image55281M82
png image55291M9G
png image55301LUX
png image55311LUU
png image55321M4Q
png image55351MSZ
png image55361RKN
png image55381H3Z
png image55421OMQ
png image55441QLK
png image55451RMJ
png image55511H0Z
png image55521M3G
png image55531MFY
png image55541MKE
png image55551MM2
png image55561MM3
png image55571MM5
png image55581H5P
png image55601RDU
png image55611O6X
png image55621N1K
png image55641MZK
png image55651XHH
png image55661N3H
png image55671N3J
png image55701Q27
png image55741MYU
png image55751MXQ
png image55761MO8
png image55771MO7
png image55781MX8
png image55791MX7
png image55801MQZ
png image55811MQX
png image55821MQY
png image55831L3H
png image55851MTQ
png image55861MV1
png image55871MV2
png image55881MV1
png image55891NXI
png image55961N91
png image55971N9C
png image55981OP1
png image55991RW5
png image56011ZRP
png image56041MWZ
png image56071MOT
png image56081NXN
png image56091N1U
png image56101MV4
png image56111N6T
png image56121N4N
png image56131N09
png image56141MUV
png image56161O6W
png image56171MVZ
png image56201NE3
png image56211NEI
png image56221NHO
png image56241ND9
png image56252BPN
png image56311N7T
png image56321NA2
png image56331J0T
png image56521NE5
png image56531J0T
png image56541MPE
png image56551NC0
png image56571NR3
png image56592IN2
png image56601AKK
png image56641NQ4
png image56671N0Z
png image56681NKU
png image56691NJ3
png image56701NBL
png image56711NAJ
png image56721NH5
png image56731NAU
png image56741NIY
png image56751NIX
png image56761N8M
png image56771KTM
png image56781S7E
png image56811N96
png image56831NWB
png image56881N5H
png image56891TWO
png image56901JE9
png image56911NY4
png image56941UAO
png image56951NYN
png image56961RGW
png image56981NMR
png image57011R6E
png image57021AXH
png image57052KOC
png image57061NY9
png image57081O53
png image57101OQK
png image57131HJM
png image57141ONM
png image57161K8L
png image57171K8L
png image57181K8L
png image57191S79
png image57201AKE
png image57221OQP
png image57291K76
png image57301N8C
png image57351NMJ
png image57371NP9
png image57381NPQ
png image57391N1N
png image57421ON4
png image57441XQ8
png image57451HKO
png image57461AKE
png image57471NVO
png image57481RYU
png image57501OSX
png image57531NG7
png image57571K1C
png image57581OVQ
png image57641NO8
png image57651SU4
png image57661NZP
png image57671ORL
png image57681OQ6
png image57691OPZ
png image57701NWD
png image57711PE3
png image57731N8X
png image57751NTQ
png image57761NTS
png image57771NTT
png image57791NNV
png image57801UCP
png image57811OO7
png image57851OO9
png image57861OP4
png image57871Z5F
png image57901NWB
png image57911OSL
png image57961PA4
png image57981NY8
png image58011P9J
png image58071VD0
png image58081PD7
png image58131P6T
png image58151NH4
png image58171PB5
png image58181P9K
png image58201PJZ
png image58211JMC
png image58221JMC
png image58231JMC
png image58241Q6B
png image58331R3B
png image58341PJY
png image58361POQ
png image58392IGH
png image58411MZK
png image58421R9P
png image58431Q53
png image58442M8W
png image58452H5M
png image58471PV0
png image58481UGL
png image58491UFM
png image58501P8A
png image58511P7A
png image58521OW9
png image58591PP5
png image58601PXQ
png image58611RFL
png image58641P9F
png image58651PVZ
png image58661PPX
png image58671UHF
png image58681PVE
png image58691PQR
png image58701UGT
png image58732P7C
png image58741VAZ
png image58751Q1O
png image58761V92
png image58771ZN5
png image58781SSF
png image58791Q5F
png image58801UHU
png image58811Q2J
png image58822KA3
png image58851PZR
png image58911XSX
png image58922A2Y
png image58991PUX
png image59001PPQ
png image59011PXE
png image59022NLU
png image59032I83
png image59051CA6
png image59071RW2
png image59081CA6
png image59091SSO
png image59101SSO
png image59111Q2F
png image59121Q2Z
png image59131PE4
png image59141PLX
png image59151PLW
png image59171Q8K
png image59191MNX
png image59201UMQ
png image59221UJL
png image59232A37
png image59241QVX
png image59252A36
png image59261RWD
png image59271PQQ
png image59282DCP
png image59292DCQ
png image59321Q75
png image59331X9X
png image59341Q7O
png image59351BIF
png image59371Q7X
png image59381G89
png image59392JP2
png image59402ARW
png image59411G89
png image59441Q68
png image59451Q69
png image59462FVN
png image59471RXL
png image59481Q7J
png image59491Q7I
png image59502BN8
png image59561R05
png image59581V49
png image59602H3Q
png image59612FYL
png image59621R2P
png image59632APN
png image59641UNC
png image59651UNC
png image59661UND
png image59671Q9P
png image59681QZP
png image59691O5P
png image59701OVY
png image59711Z66
png image59721R48
png image59751R6P
png image59771R73
png image59781R7G
png image59791R2L
png image59811KMV
png image59851UL2
png image59861V28
png image59871R8U
png image59881RGJ
png image59891RL5
png image59911R36
png image59922A4J
png image59941WSO
png image59982F1E
png image60011XWE
png image60021RG6
png image60041Q8G
png image60051RGO
png image60061V46
png image60071RJH
png image60091RDE
png image60101RHX
png image60111RJJ
png image60121RL1
png image60142DDY
png image60152AVG
png image60171V4Z
png image60181V50
png image60201RKK
png image60221Q8L
png image60241ERM
png image60271R9I
png image60281RQ6
png image60292A29
png image60302A29
png image60321WM4
png image60341QTS
png image60371WT8
png image60381RJT
png image60391R9V
png image60401RG4
png image60411QVK
png image60421RFR
png image60432P80
png image60441S7A
png image60451S04
png image60461S6N
png image60471S6L
png image60491RK9
png image60521SGO
png image60531ADN
png image60541ADN
png image60561RKL
png image60581RZW
png image60591RFH
png image60601VJ6
png image60621S2F
png image60631RIM
png image60641RIK
png image60661RYV
png image60671RYG
png image60681RU5
png image60691RY3
png image60701V6R
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png image103312D7P
png image103322D7Q
png image103332DI7
png image103342DI8
png image103352DIA
png image103372E5K
png image110022RLG
png image110032RLH
png image110042RLJ
png image110062RQZ
png image110072RLY
png image110082RM0
png image110092RM4
png image110102RMK
png image110112RML
png image110142RN1
png image110162RN5
png image110172RN7
png image110182RN8
png image110192RN9
png image110202RNB
png image110222RNG
png image110242RNJ
png image110262RMO
png image110292RNN
png image110302RNO
png image110322RO0
png image110332RNZ
png image110342RO5
png image110382ROH
png image110402ROL
png image110412ROP
png image110422KHE
png image110432ROT
png image110442ROO
png image110452RPD
png image110462RPE
png image110482RPH
png image110492RND
png image110502RMY
png image110542RPS
png image110602RPB
png image110612RPZ
png image110622RQ0
png image110642LBU
png image110652RQ1
png image110722RQ2
png image110732RQF
png image110762RQK
png image110772RQL
png image110782Z5V
png image110802RQS
png image110812RQT
png image110822RQU
png image110832ELL
png image110841WYN
png image110851WYL
png image110861WYO
png image110872YS3
png image110882YS1
png image110892YRY
png image110902YS4
png image110912E6J
png image110922EFI
png image110932E6I
png image110942YS5
png image110952YT2
png image110962ED7
png image110972EDD
png image110982EDE
png image110992EDB
png image111002DML
png image111012DJ1
png image111022DMM
png image111032ED8
png image111042DJ2
png image111052DJ0
png image111062DMK
png image111072DIZ
png image111082DIY
png image111092DJ3
png image111102CUM
png image111111X5K
png image111121X5I
png image111131X5E
png image111141X5C
png image111152RR4
png image111161X5D
png image111171X5A
png image111181X5J
png image111191X5F
png image111201X5H
png image111211X5G
png image111222DBA
png image111232YUS
png image111241WYP
png image111251X4X
png image111261WYQ
png image111271X4Z
png image111281X4Y
png image111291WYR
png image111302CTD
png image111311X4U
png image111322CTO
png image111332D85
png image111342D7L
png image111352CTJ
png image111362CTK
png image111372CTM
png image111382CTL
png image111392CTE
png image111402CTF
png image111412D86
png image111422D87
png image111432D88
png image111442YUA
png image111452D89
png image111462E9H
png image111472YRQ
png image111482YRP
png image111502YS0
png image111512YUU
png image111522YRZ
png image111532ED1
png image111542ECZ
png image111552ED0
png image111562YUN
png image111572YS2
png image111582YUL
png image111592YUR
png image111602YUK
png image111612ECW
png image111622ECT
png image111632ECV
png image111642ECY
png image111652EOI
png image111662EOL
png image111672EOE
png image111682YTN
png image111692EP1
png image111702EP3
png image111712YTO
png image111732DAG
png image111752RR8
png image111781UGV
png image111791WI7
png image111801WIE
png image111811WJ3
png image111822CSS
png image111832CSP
png image111842CSQ
png image111852CSI
png image111862D92
png image111872DAZ
png image111882DB5
png image111892DLU
png image111902DMZ
png image111912DM8
png image111922DLT
png image111932EGA
png image111942EGC
png image111952DLS
png image111962EGE
png image111972EHR
png image111981UM7
png image111991WF7
png image112001VA8
png image112011WH1
png image112021WF8
png image112031X5M
png image112041X5N
png image112052COT
png image112061X5R
png image112071X5Q
png image112081X5L
png image112091X43
png image112101X45
png image112111X44
png image112122DAV
png image112132D8H
png image112142D8J
png image112152D8I
png image112162D90
png image112172DL4
png image112182EEL
png image112192DL3
png image112202DL7
png image112212E6Q
png image112222DL5
png image112232DL9
png image112242EQI
png image112252DL8
png image112262E7K
png image112272E7H
png image112282YSQ
png image112292E6P
png image112302E7B
png image11231