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Files here are generated by BLAST'ing all BMRB entries that contain protein
sequences against BMRB and NCBI non-redundant databases. They are updated

The command used is

 blastall -p blastp -d 'bmrb r' -F F -m 7

where 'r' is "redundified" NCBI NR database where every (DB name, DB identifier)
          is a separate record, even if they have identical sequences,
      'bmrb' is similarly redundant DB of all BMRB protein sequences longer than
          14 standard residues, with header formatted as:
          >gnl|mdb|bmrb<ENTRY ID>:<ENTITY ID> <ENTITY NAME>
          That puts entity name into "Hit_def" tag and "bmrb<ENTRY ID>:<ENTITY ID>"
          into "Hit_accession" tag in BLAST output.

Output files contain hits for all protein entities in the entry. Different entities
are in different "Iteration" blocks, with query sequence in "Iteration_query-def" tag.