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adit_nmr_matched_pdb_bmrb_entry_ids.csv : 
  list of matching BMRB and PDB entry IDs. For BMRB entry IDs > 15000
  both PDB and BMRB depositions were made from the same ADIT-NMR session.
  For earlier entries, match to a PDB ID was provided by entry author or
  found by BMRB annotators.

    bmrb_plus_pdb :
	BMRB entries combined with coordinate and restraint data from
	matching PDB entries.
    all     :
    divided :
	Restraint data for PDB entries in CNS, XPLOR, and CYANA formats, 
	organized similar to the PDB entry archive. Also NMR-STAR files
	containing restraint data and atomic coordinates.