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NMR-STAR 2.1 database files are obsolete and should not be used.

NMR-STAR 3.1 files (both macromolecule and metabolomics) work on
PostgreSQL 8.4 or newer.

1 .Create a postgres database and run schema.sql to create tables: 
  psql ... -f schema.sql

2. Each CSV file is a dump of a corresp. database table named Table_name.csv.
  NOTE that table names are case-sensitive and need to be neclosed in double quotes.
  Where there are sub-schemas, the files are named schema_name.table_name.csv.
  these typically contain derived/auxiliary data. Primary database can be used
  without loading those tables.

  For each file Table_name.csv run
  psql ... -c '\\copy "Table_name" from Table_name.csv csv header

  For files named schema.table.csv run
  psql ... -c '\\copy schema."Table" from schema.table.csv csv header

This should result in a complete copy of the BMRB relational database.

Information on the BMRB schema is at
NMR-STAR "tag categories" are relational database tables, "tag names" 
(part after the dot) are table columns.