Documentation of bmrbdata database

(A blurb on simple SQL)

SQL syntax

Some of the documentation contained herin uses some very simple SQL syntax to explain ideas. However, the audience of this documentation contains people who may or may not know SQL. The SQL used in this documentation, however, is an extremely small subset of the language, and can be explained in a few paragraphs here.

Types: Some of the documentation, and the data dictionary itself, describe data types using SQL's syntax. Here is a list of the types used:

SELECT queries: Occasionally, this documentation shows a "SELECT" query. The subset of the SELECT syntax that is used in this documentation is very simple and can be explained right here:

SELECT list-of-fields
FROM table-name
WHERE conditional-statement
ORDER BY list-of-fields ;

The explanation is pretty straightforward:

In reality, select statements can become much more complex than what is shown above, but this is enough to understand this documentation.

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